Kirk Cameron Attacked by an Iguana on the Set of His New Children’s TV Show.

COLLEGE STATION, TX — In a bizarre turn of events on the set of the beloved new children's TV show Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk, actor and star of the show, Kirk Cameron, became the victim of a reptilian rampage when his co-star, a seemingly innocent iguana named Iggy, launched a full-scale assault.

Eyewitnesses report that chaos erupted while filming a particularly heartwarming scene where Kirk's character, Mr. Kirk, attempts to read Iggy a story. The script called for Iggy to be visibly upset when the pair reached the end of the story. However, what was intended to be some playful banter between co-stars turned into a real-life showdown, as Iggy took method acting to a whole new level.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," said one stunned crew member. "One minute, Kirk is reading Iggy a story about showing moderation and restraint, and the next, Iggy is lunging at him with a ferocity I've never seen before in a reptile. It was like a scene straight out of an Animal Planet documentary."

The attack left Kirk with a few scratches and a newfound fear of reptiles.

"I always knew Iggy was a brilliant actor, but I never expected him to interpret the script with so much Godzilla role-playing," Kirk quipped, nursing his wounds. "Guess I'll be having nightmares about iguanas for a while…again."

“Iguanas are extremely volatile creatures,” comments renowned reptile psychologist, Dr. Sandra Scales. “So are actors. And as we know, Iggy is both those things.”

When Iggy finally calmed down, he claimed not to remember the entire incident and, on seeing Mr. Kirk’s injuries, asked whether he’d been shooting another movie about being a fireman.

Despite the chaos and commotion on set, there's a silver lining to this scaly saga, showrunner Tommy Tinsel muses. “Despite Iggy’s aggression, we are still making great progress on the show, and it seems like Iggy is back in line after his mom put him in time-out,” he says. “This is a show that children are going to love, like Baby Shark, but, like, in a way that doesn’t make parents want to tear their hair out.”

NOT SATIRE: Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk is intended to teach solid morals and provide a wholesome alternative to current children’s entertainment. But, to assemble a top-notch creative team of scriptwriters, set designers, cinematographers, and editors, this show needs help from American families who still believe in traditional and biblical values.

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