How to Protect Your Children from Woke Indoctrination: A Guide for Christian Conservative Parents

In today’s rapidly changing world, the battle for the hearts and minds of our children has never been more challenging. Christian conservative parents are increasingly concerned about the rising tide of woke indoctrination within our educational systems and culture. The narratives and ideologies being promoted often conflict with traditional Christian values and conservative principles, leading to confusion and conflict in our children’s beliefs and values.

Understanding the Challenge

Children today are introduced and persuaded to adopt certain ideologies that emphasize social and political issues like racial identity, gender fluidity, and social justice, often from a perspective that some parents feel undermines or contradicts their own values. This indoctrination occurs through various channels like the education system, social media, movies, TV Shows, and even books.

The impact of such indoctrination on children can be profound and can lead to confusion about their identity, values, and beliefs. Children are naturally inquisitive and impressionable, making them particularly vulnerable to accepting and internalizing these ideologies without critical examination. This can create a disconnect between the values taught at home and those encountered in the world, potentially leading to familial conflict, confusion, and a feeling of isolation in children.

The Steps to Protecting Your Children

1. Arming Your Children Against Indoctrination: The first step in protecting your children is to arm them against indoctrination. This involves equipping them with the tools they need to discern truth from fiction. It's about teaching them to think critically, to question what they are told, and to measure what they learn against the yardstick of their faith and values.

2. Teaching Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is an invaluable skill in navigating the complexities of modern ideologies. It allows children to analyze arguments, identify biases, and come to reasoned conclusions based on evidence and their own beliefs. Encouraging open discussions, asking probing questions, and exploring topics together can foster this skill.

3. Getting Children Off the Devices: In our digital age, devices often serve as the primary medium through which children encounter harmful ideologies. Encouraging time away from screens and promoting engaging, thought-provoking alternatives is crucial. This not only limits their exposure to potentially harmful content but also promotes healthier, more diverse forms of learning and entertainment.

A Tool for Parents

As parents, having resources that support your role in guiding your children’s learning and development is essential. Tools that align with your values and provide a basis for discussion and teaching are invaluable. We can no longer trust these large media outlets to teach our kids the values that we hold dear. 

Introducing "More Than Spots And Stripes"

This is where "More Than Spots And Stripes," a groundbreaking children’s book by the HodgeTwins in partnership with BRAVE Books, comes into play. Designed specifically for families like yours, this book is a powerful tool in the fight against woke indoctrination.

Mockup of More Than Spots and Stripes

More Than Just a Book

"More Than Spots And Stripes" is not just a book; it's a shield. It equips your children with the critical thinking skills necessary to discern truth from fiction, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the ideologies they will encounter.

Through the engaging story of Rebel the cheetah and her classmates, the book presents complex ideas in a way that is accessible and relatable to children. It encourages them to think critically, question confidently, and stand firm in their beliefs.

This book offers a joyful alternative to screen time, engaging children with the tactile, imaginative experience of reading. It's a call to rediscover the joy of learning through stories, fostering imagination and critical thinking away from digital distractions.

The Resource Every Parent Needs

Beyond its captivating narrative, "More Than Spots And Stripes" serves as a resource for parents. It provides a starting point for discussions about challenging topics, helping you to guide your children through the maze of modern ideologies with wisdom and insight.


The partnership between the HodgeTwins and BRAVE Books, including the giveaway of 10,000 free books, underscores the commitment to securing the hearts and minds of the next generation. "More Than Spots & Stripes" is more than just a book; it's a lifeline for parents concerned about woke indoctrination. It's a tool that empowers you to raise resilient, thoughtful children who can navigate the world with confidence in their beliefs and values.

As Christian conservative parents, the responsibility to guide and protect our children in these turbulent times is daunting. However, with resources like "More Than Spots And Stripes," you are not alone. This book provides not only a defense against indoctrination but also a positive, engaging way to reinforce the values and critical thinking skills that will serve your children throughout their lives.

Embrace this opportunity to make a lasting difference in your child's life.

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