An Open Letter to Hollywood Masculinity

By: Trent Talbot

Dear Hollywood Masculinity,

We need to talk. Recent blockbusters and my conversations with industry figures like Kevin Sorbo and Kirk Cameron have highlighted some misconceptions. It's become evident that you've veered off course when it comes to understanding true masculinity. So, allow me to acquaint you through the dusty trails of your own cinematic history and the path forward.

Scholastic books,

Remember the rugged cowboy of the past century who graced your silver screen? As an icon of grit and determination, he stood for justice and didn’t totter about in heels. And what about the quintessential family man of the 80s and 90s? He was endearingly goofy yet relatable and, on screen at least, cherished his wife and kids without shame. That portrayal surely came closer to capturing masculinity than the brainless buffoon you show on every sitcom who sits on the sofa and calls for a beer.

It’s clear your vision for our boys is that they become weak, passive and feminine. Well, we have a different hope and vision for the future men of this country. That’s why we have partnered with one of your stars, Kevin Sorbo, to tell the story of a lion cub named Lucas who ventures out to find what it takes to become a grown-up lion. It’s a story on masculinity so simple that even my two-year-old understands that boys become men through sacrifice and honor.

At BRAVE Books, we publish pro-God, pro-America children’s stories that uphold values such as integrity, strength, and honor–the values you chucked to the wayside in the name of “progress.” We champion stories that entertain families but don’t sabotage their parental influence. Our monthly book club, called the Freedom Island Book Club, sends books like Kevin Sorbo’s and Kirk Cameron’s to thousands of families each month to uphold truth and raise families whose legacies resonate across generations.

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So, I challenge you to take notes from Kevin Sorbo's children’s book. Maybe you’ll see that America wants to see real masculinity in the box office—one that champions our sons as God made them because a man of honor and integrity is so much more compelling than a man who wears a dress. Our boys deserve role models who grow into strong men, not prolonged adolescence.

So, enough is enough for American families. We are creating our own stories.

Trent Talbot

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