The Dangerous Truth Behind Scholastic

and how you can fight back


"She immersed her body in the warm water and tried not to think about what was between her legs, but there it was, bobbing in front of her."

- Pg 28, Melissa, for grades 3 - 7

You may be thinking that Scholastic is a huge company and some bad books just slip through the cracks. Seems reasonable … but that's not the case. Scholastic is not the company you knew as a child. Just like Disney, Target & Bud Light, Scholastic has succumbed to an agenda that has led them to flood our schools and libraries with books that promote dangerous and anti-Biblical ideas. Many of their books appear harmless, boasting bright and colorful covers with kid-capturing titles masking ideas like gender fluidity and the LGBTQIA+ agenda on the inside.

Prince & Knight, for grades K - 2

With 75,000 Scholastic book fairs every year, these hidden agendas are being heavily distributed. Teachers are using them in classrooms and they are readily accessible in the children's sections at both public and school libraries. They’re even making their way into homes through take-home reading assignments and book fair purchases.

Download our extensive report unmasking SCHOLASTIC and find out how you can fight back. Discretion advised due to graphic content.


It's time to cancel Scholastic. If you are a principal, librarian, or school board member, it's time to take a stand. If you are wondering how to replace the books and book fairs that Scholastic provided, we've got a solution.

BRAVE Book Fairs! Our mission is to offer schools a catalog of children’s books that are engaging and age-appropriate without all the junk! We’ve heard from librarians and parents who are fed up with sifting through the hundreds of books that come in from Scholastic. We eliminate that headache for you by pre-screening all of our books to ensure that children aren’t exposed to adult content that is masked as a harmless children’s book. We also provide transparency with our screening criteria. That’s not all, though...

At BRAVE, we're taking book fairs to the next level by offering an immersive experience that will bring book characters to life and spark your student’s imagination. Students will leave our book fairs actually wanting to read! BRAVE Book Fairs promise to protect and foster children’s innocence which gives kids the freedom to JUST BE KIDS.

BRAVE Book Fairs are full of the classics like Chronicles of Narnia, Tom Sawyer, BoxCar Children’s series and of course new and enriching stories like our very own BRAVE Books Freedom Island Series. We’ll even have the good, ole fashioned products like smelly pens that kids can add to their experience, only we’ll make sure the books are the star of the show!

Why BRAVE Book Fairs

Books families can trust!
Fully customizable 
Earn money and rewards for your school
Under 30 minute set-up
Products that students will love! 
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