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BRAVE Books Author, Bethany Hamilton, Makes Courageous Statement Against World Surf League's New Transgender Rule

Pro Surfer and Brave Books Author Bethany Hamilton, Makes Courageous Statement Against World Surf League’s New Transgender Rule.

Her book, Surfing Past Fear, teaches children about overcoming fear which is what she did when she courageously stated she will no longer compete in the World Surf League unless this policy is reversed.

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By: BRAVE Books Staff

The World Surf League recently announced a policy that allows transgender women (individuals born as males) to compete in the women’s league. Featured in a front page FOX News article, Bethany Hamilton’s viral video states, "I personally won't be competing in or supporting the World Surf League if this rule remains." The women’s surfing legend takes a firm stance on this new rule and is encouraging others to overcome their fears of speaking out to stand up for female-born athletes.

Bethany Hamilton catching a massive wave

Many other supporters have stood beside Hamilton’s decision as well. Reverend Franklin Graham and several faith-leaders are speaking out against the rule in all women’s sports. Others have spoken out on social media to show their support such as former collegiate athlete Riley Gaines, who faced the transgender challenge head-on in her swimming competitions.

Hamilton authored Saga Two: Book Six of the Freedom Island Series. Her book, Surfing Past Fear,  teaches children about overcoming fear which is what she did when she made this video and posted it to the world. We must empower our children to overcome the fear of speaking out and standing up for what’s right.

The founder of BRAVE Books, Trent Talbot, stands behind Hamilton stating, "God designed males and females differently with a purpose – and when we reject this, we reject God. Men do not belong in women's sports." All BRAVE Books teach children messages like this and preserve the pro-God pro-America content that our country wants and needs.

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