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BRAVE Moms Reward System

Congratulations on becoming a BRAVE Mom! Armed with your promo code and your passion for conservative values, you are now equipped to represent BRAVE Books to the world. 

As a thank you, we’re giving all BRAVE Moms discounts in our store with our BRAVE Bucks system.


Earning BRAVE Bucks 


When someone uses your unique promo code during checkout in our shop, we credit a specific number of BRAVE Books to your name. 

You earn $5 in BRAVE Bucks for a monthly subscription and $8 in BRAVE Bucks for an annual subscription. 

In both cases, the customer who uses the promo code receives a 15% off the books they buy. 

Also, you earn $10 in BRAVE Bucks when you refer someone to the BRAVE Moms program. (This is only credited to your account once their promo code is used in our store.) 

When the new BRAVE Mom mentions your promo code at sign-up, we’ll credit a bonus $5 in BRAVE Bucks to account.


Redeeming BRAVE Bucks

$1 BRAVE Buck = $1 USD


Each BRAVE Buck is worth one USD in the BRAVE store. (I.e., using five BRAVE Bucks will take $5 off the final price of whatever you buy from the shop.) 

When you want to redeem your BRAVE Bucks, simply fill out this form. We’ll respond with a virtual gift card, which you can use at checkout in our store both for books and merchandise. 

If you want, you could also choose to give your gift card to a friend. Some BRAVE Moms say that they plan on doing most of their Christmas shopping with BRAVE Bucks rewards!

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