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BRAVE Publishing Co. is partnering with authors who want to take a different route than traditional publishing. If you want a world-class, bestselling book and want to keep full ownership of your story - this is for you!

Our goal for BRAVE Publishing Co. is to honor the Lord by serving writers just like you through an ethical and enjoyable publishing experience. Our white-glove publishing services guide authors who have an idea or completed manuscript in their self-publishing journey.

You will come alongside our team to produce an excellent book that you are proud of and has the ability to reach people around the world.

Our children need more solid books and through BRAVE Publishing Co. we will help you create a world class book that can impact your target audience.

Download our extensive report unmasking SCHOLASTIC and find out how you can fight back. Discretion advised due to graphic content.

Publishing Package Includes:

Creative Expertise
Family Feedback Program
Formatting and Design
Book Cover
Cost Effective Distribution
Intellectual Property Ownership
Competitive Pricing Structure

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BRAVE Publishing Package

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Why Partner with BRAVE:

We are driven by faith, love for America, small business, and doing right by others. At our core, we are mission-based, we're located right in the heart of Texas.

We want to use the expertise, infrastructure and creative talent we have at BRAVE to help others creative vision come to pass.

Our founder and CEO, Trent Talbot, upon becoming a dad, instantly saw the inappropriate content being published upon our children and realized the need for a wholesome alternative. He left his career as a pacticing ophthalmologist to found BRAVE Books and the rest is history!

We wholeheartedly believe that all it takes is one book that can impact the entire nation or world for good.

BRAVE Publishing Package

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