Learn more about characters of the BRAVE Universe.


Team BRAVE is a group of young brave citizens hand picked by the Legends of Freedom Island to combat the villain's evil plot to bring Freedom Island to its knees.


Bongo is a brave gorilla who lives in the Raka Rainforest and enjoys using his coco-nut cannons for all sorts of purposes, but when a situation arises he has to use them for more than just fun. Using both his strength and coconut cannons he fights to defend his home. His act of bravery is noticed by more than just his city; it’s noticed by the Legends of Freedom Island and they invite him to be apart of Team BRAVE


Rebel is a super fast cheetah living in Suma Savanna and she is imbued with bravery. Her speed and agility comes in handy when fighting against the authoritarian powers that threaten to corrupt her city. Rebels' act of bravery is noticed by the Legends and she is invited to be a part of the BRAVE Team.


Asher is a clever fox who can make inventions on the fly. Asher lives in Rushington, located in Wiggamore Woods. He used to sell his inventions before facing a threat to capitalism. His wit and bravery are pinnacle in the battle against a communist enemy. His actions saved his city from the horrid and inevitable end communism would have brought. This caught the attention of the Freedom Island Legends and they invited him to be a part of Team BRAVE.


Valor is a valiant warrior tiger whose courage has pushed him to victory in many battles. He has a strong sense of character and a perpetual duty to preserve the integrity of Freedom Island. He has made his home in the frozen city of Shivermore.


Eva is a Hippo who lives in Starlotte City and has a deep comedic sassiness that has been overshadowed by her fear of public speaking. A situation arises that threatens to take away an animal's ability to act freely. She chooses to overcome her fear of public speaking in order to defend her city and its peoples freedom. By overcoming her fear of what others think and saving her city she gets noticed by the Legends of Freedom Island and Invited to join Team BRAVE.


Fiona, Arthur, and Mobi earned their title as the “Legends of Freedom Island” after their victory in an epic war between good and evil which gave birth to Freedom Island.


Mobi is a brave bear who fought in the ancient battle with Fiona and Arthur against the old Islands to free the people of Freedom Island. As a young bear, Mobi learned from his Momma to lay down his life for the life of others and to fight for them even when it's hard. Mobi is one of the Bravest Warriors the BRAVE universe has ever known, he even helped to found Freedom Island.


Arthur is a courageous and noble lion who fought in order to form Freedom Island. His best friend is Mobi and he is married to Fiona. He is strong in all areas of character and he places others above himself because of his duty and responsibility to protect others freedom at all cost.


Fiona is a bold and loving lion who is always filled with motherly compassion for those on freedom island. She is the wife of Arthur and a former warrior in the first war that freed Freedom Island. Her gentle spirit serves as a pinnacle reminder to all of the Island of the love that these Legends have for them.


The Friends are Team BRAVE’s companions that they meet throughout their journeys and help Team BRAVE in their own way.


Kevin the elephant is a good friend of Asher. Kevin has been convinced by Cultures lies that he is a bird, but a situation arises that causes Kevin to come face to face with reality. He leaps into action and does what only an elephant can do to save his town.


Whiskers is a cat who hates water but loves magic. This mystical kitten is from Wizards Way and uses an absurd amount of creativity in his craft and rivals the most powerful sorcerers in the BRAVE Universe.


Puddin is an outgoing cuddly panda who escaped the tyrannical regime in Dom-a-tron. She is a master of stealth, and can endlessly eat bamboo.


Pepper is hungry for more than freedom, she would really like some peppermint ice cream. Pepper comes from the island of Utopia and befriends one of our BRAVE heroes.


Seymour is a keen canine detective with a deep sense of justice. His nose can pick up clues that many ignore.


The Villains want to stir up division, chaos, and confusion, while others just want destruction and power. Ultimately, they want to hate how Freedom Island is free and they want to destroy it.


Culture is a conniving Vulture who seeks to manipulate whomever he comes into contact with. His goal is simple: cause chaos among all animals. His main tactic is deception. By wrapping his lies with a small layer of truth, he becomes a tough character to beat. The only way to beat Culture is to hold on to what is true.


Wolves are a group that seek to take control of Freedom Island. They prey on animals' wants and promise to make their dreams come true if they give them all the power. They desire to devour all of the resources other animals work so hard for. They were taught this terrible tactic by a mysterious animal who has yet to be revealed.


Parrots are the news source for all of Freedom Island. The information they spread can be a huge benefit but it can cause huge problems.


A bat's greatest enemy is the truth. Their goal is to erode the foundation of everyone's lives with lies. They are experts at weaseling their way into the minds of others with their swift and sweet sounding words that convince entire cities to betray the truth.


Weasels hate authority and every form of rules. They want to see the downfall of regulations and laws so that all animals can be “truly free” from anyone but really they just want to create chaos.


Hyenas are not the smartest animals on Freedom Island but what they lack in brain they make up for in brawn. They use their strength and weapons to harm others to get their way. Hyenas dwell mostly in deserted desert but they wander all over Freedom Island.


Lester just wants to see society crumble into complete chaos. He is the leader of the weasels and pushes them to bring absolute disaster not only to Freedom Island but all the surrounding Islands as well.


Pompous is a master manipulator and is capable of controlling whole cities. With her parrot minions, lies are spread all over Freedom Island.


Karl the Koala likes to spend his time in deep thought about what is wrong in society and then comes up with a plan to make it even worse. His use of big words discombobulates those he speaks to and causes them to believe what he says despite the lack of reason.


Slubgob likes to lurk in the murk and muck of every crevice of Freedom Island and is notorious for being involved in everything. His hunger for power is never satisfied and he is always reaching for more.


Black Heart's wife Scylla is the most powerful sorceress of all the BRAVE Universe. Her use of powerful magic and potent lies creates the perfect concoction for confusion.


Thick Face is known for his beak and his brain. He is the BRAVE Universe's most powerful animal, but power is of little concern to him. Thick face sees life as a chess game except everyone is a pawn and he is the grand master.


Black Heart the black and red tiger is the most feared villain of all the BRAVE Universe. He is driven by his desire to rule and believes that fear is more powerful than freedom. His goal is to control and enslave all of the BRAVE Universe.