Children's book company teams up with Ashley St. Claire to give away 10,000 free books to fight for the truth!

In a culture where Christian beliefs are increasingly under attack, teaching children traditional Biblical-based values has never been more important! At BRAVE Books, our mission is clear. Publish children’s books that help the next generation know right from wrong and be firmly planted in Biblical truth.

As such, for the entire month of June, we are offering a free read-along version of our very first book, "Elephants are not Birds.” This valuable resource teaches children that God made us in his image and does not make mistakes regarding gender or identity.

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By: BRAVE Books Staff

Unlimited free copies of books reinforcing traditional gender identity through June!

It’s no coincidence that a Google search for “free children’s books” yields a guide on how to come out as an LGBTQ child or that Target has partnered with a Satanic company (Abprallen) to sell children’s clothing with graphics like: ‘Ask Me About My Pronouns,’ ‘Live Laugh Lesbian’ or ‘Trans People Will Always Exist'.

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Every day our kids are inundated with confusing ideas about gender norms and identities, and it is crucial to not only protect our children from these dangerous ideologies but teach them the foundational values and critical thinking skills they need to understand the truth. BRAVE Books recognizes the significance of this balance by providing parents with a way to discuss cultural topics with their children in an age-appropriate manner.

"Elephants are not Birds" is a captivating story about Kevin, a happy elephant who loves to sing. But when Culture the Vulture comes to him and tells Kevin he can be any animal he identifies as, including a bird, Kevin becomes confused. Kevin tries to be a bird, but in the end, he learns that God has beautifully created him to be exactly who he is, an elephant with special giftings and talents. The book is designed to focus on the idea that we are wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) and without mistakes or errors.

Ashley St. Claire with her Christian Conservative children's book, Elephants are not birds

Ultimately, we hear from many families who wonder when the appropriate age is to have these difficult conversations or how to approach them when the time is right. It can be challenging to navigate discussions about gender identity with children in age-appropriate ways. At BRAVE, the best way we know how to do this is to reinforce what the Bible teaches. Be encouraged that this book is a powerful way to start the conversation and point to what God says about gender. By emphasizing the notion that God creates each person uniquely and with intention, Elephants Are Not Birds supports the idea that one's gender can never be a mistake but rather a divine aspect of our creation.

We hope you are blessed by the book and will consider investing in a BRAVE Book Club subscription for your family, where we tackle other tough topics like the sanctity of life or using discernment when making decisions.

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