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BRAVE Books is trusted by over 115k families!


The artwork is wonderful! The story lines teach great topics are easy for a young one to grasp. The whole series is amazing! Andrea M.

Grandchild loves them!

I got my granddaughter the monthly book subscription. She anxiously awaits her book each month and reads them with her parents! - Donna R.

Love the book club!!

Love the book club!! The artwork is beautifully done and the books are high quality. - Sandra S.

Engaging and well-written!

Engaging and well-written for little learners. Our kids love them and can't wait for the next book to arrive!! - James C.

Money well spent

My kids request these books more than any others. We re-read over and over with lots of good discussions being had at bedtime. - Stephanie M.

So refreshing!

It is refreshing to have an option for a book club for my grandchild that has the same values as our family!


Everything so far has been perfect! So refreshing to receive a great product that reflects godly values and care for those purchasing them! - Linda B.

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Conversation Cards

These engaging and fun-filled questions are designed to bring families closer together. Start meaningful discussions and create lasting memories. Whether you're around the dinner table, on a family road trip, or gathered in the living room, these 70-question cards are sure to inspire laughter, imagination, connection, and God-centered conversations.
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  • A new book is delivered to your door every month.
  • Each book is written by a different Author with a Pro-God and Pro-America message.
  • Teaches your kids difficult subjects through engaging stories and easy to read books.

What you'll get

A buildable story line
with adventure packed pages

A map of Freedom Island
and stickers too!

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Meet some of our authors!

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, believer, husband, father of six, actor and filmmaker has partnered with us to write “As You Grow” a Christian children's book that teaches kids how to grow in wisdom through the fruit of the spirit.

Missy Robertson

Duck wife, Missy Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, has partnered with us to write “Because You’re My Family” a Christian children's book that teaches kids about the importance of family and unconditional love.

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton, professional surfer, and main character in the movie Soul Surfer, has partnered with BRAVE to write “Surfing Past Fear” a children’s book that inspires children to never let fear hold them back.

What's All the Hype?

Unite your family

We include fun games and discussion questions in the back of every book, making it easy and enjoyable for the whole family to come together and learn.

Read and Learn

Our books are designed to make children want to read and learn more, with engaging stories that capture their imagination.

Learn and Grow

Every BRAVE Book helps your children learn a new value or lesson that helps them become God-loving, patriotic Americans.

Most Affordable Option

The Freedom Island Book Club allows you to get our books up to 30% off! You will also get a FREE book when you subscribe!

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