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"This could be the most important project I've ever worked on"

“For the past four years, kids have been guinea pigs in politics, a bargaining chip. You can see that clearly in kids’ programming. To me, I was excited to do a project that would uphold the innocence of children and Adventures With Iggy and Mr. Kirk does exactly that.”

- Kirk Cameron

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Many children's television shows today are full of progressive or woke ideologies that undermine our traditional American values. Our TV show, "Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk," aims to offer an alternative. The goal of Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk is to entertain children while instilling traditional values and building their character.

But we can't make this show into a reality without the support of elite contributors like you. By completing the form provided, you will have the opportunity to schedule a personal consultation with our team to discuss the significant impact of your contribution and the exclusive benefits of becoming a major supporter.


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season 1 funding goal


of $1,250,000

We plan on creating not just one, but TWO SEASONS (20 episodes) of Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk. But we won’t be able to do it without your support. Your contribution to this fundraising campaign will allow us to create and distribute a wholesome alternative to children’s entertainment to families across the United States. Each 22-minute episode is estimated to cost us $125,000, so we aim to raise $2,500,000 to assemble a top-notch creative team, from scriptwriters to set designers, directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plus icon What do I get when I donate?

We have awesome bonuses for each donation amount from $1,000 all the way up to $125,000. The bonuses include having an executive producer credit on the show, 2 tickets to the red-carpet premiere of the show, and much more! When you talk to a team member, they will go through all of the details of what each donation amount will receive!

Plus icon Can I donate through a business? 

Yes, we have a business partnership program that allows businesses to donate and get marketing to BRAVE's customer base. On top of this, it allows your donation to be written off as a marketing expense. Please fill out the form and check "Yes" on the do you own a business step if you are interested.

Plus icon Can I fund an entire episode?

Yes, you can! Each episode will cost us $125,000 and if you donate anything over $125,000 you will get an associate producer credit on every episode along with tons of other awesome bonuses, like a day on set and option for child or grandchild to play a minor role in an episode!

Plus icon How can I learn more information?

You can reach out to our team and book a call through the contact form at the top of the page.

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