Warehouse Manager

Full-time // In-person // Fulfillment // Management

Brave Books, an up-and-coming conservative book publishing company in the Conroe area, is looking to build our team and we need you! We are seeking talented individuals with strong management and operational skills. The Warehouse Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of warehouse operations, including inventory management, logistics coordination, team leadership, and ensuring efficient and safe warehouse practices. The role requires strong organizational skills, attention to detail, leadership abilities, and a commitment to maintaining a well-organized and productive warehouse environment.

Christian, Conservative, Creative are the 3 C’s that must be checked for this position - non-negotiable. The ideal candidate for this position thrives in a fast paced environment. You are a team player and you are a self-starter that can get things organized and rolling without a ton of oversight needed.

Role and Responsibilities:

Inventory Management:

  • Develop and implement inventory control processes to ensure accurate stock levels and minimize discrepancies.
  • Regularly conduct cycle counts, stock reconciliations, and audits to maintain inventory accuracy.
  • Monitor stock movement, aging, and identify slow-moving or obsolete items.

Logistics Coordination:

  • Coordinate inbound and outbound shipments, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries and shipments.
  • Collaborate with transportation providers, suppliers, and other relevant parties to optimize shipping and receiving processes.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate carriers and shipping methods to minimize costs while meeting delivery deadlines.

Team Leadership:

  • Recruit, train, and manage warehouse staff, including supervisors, forklift operators, and inventory clerks.
  • Assign tasks, set performance goals, and provide regular feedback to team members to ensure high productivity and performance.
  • Foster a positive and collaborative work environment that promotes teamwork and safety.

Process Improvement:

  • Continuously assess and optimize warehouse procedures to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs, and increase overall productivity.
  • Identify areas for improvement in workflow, layout, and equipment utilization.
  • Implement best practices to streamline operations and enhance warehouse performance.

Health and Safety:

  • Enforce strict adherence to safety protocols and guidelines to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment for all staff.
  • Conduct regular safety training and drills for warehouse personnel.
  • Address and rectify any safety concerns or hazards promptly.

Facility Maintenance:

  • Maintain the physical condition of the warehouse facility, including proper storage, cleanliness, and organization.
  • Oversee equipment maintenance and repairs to ensure all tools, machinery, and vehicles are in working order.

Reporting and Documentation:

  • Generate regular reports on inventory levels, shipping and receiving activities, and warehouse performance metrics.
  • Maintain accurate records of stock transactions, inventory adjustments, and any relevant documentation.

Customer Service:

  • Collaborate with customer service and sales teams to fulfill customer orders accurately and efficiently.
  • Address any customer inquiries, concerns, or complaints related to warehouse operations.



  • Bachelor's degree in supply chain management, logistics, business administration, or a related field (preferred).
  • Proven experience in warehouse management or related roles.
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate and manage a diverse team.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management abilities.
  • Proficiency in inventory management software and warehouse management systems (WMS).
  • Knowledge of safety regulations and best practices in warehouse operations.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.
  • Physical ability to perform tasks such as lifting, carrying, and operating equipment.

Brave Books offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid time off, and employee discounts. We thank all applicants for their interest, please apply below!