Children's book company teams up with Ashley St. Claire to give away 10,000 free books to fight for the truth!

The month of June has arrived, and in a familiar cycle of corporate advocacy, many businesses are engaging in outreach efforts toward various demographics, including children. While many on the left argue these practices reflect a push towards inclusivity and diversity, in reality, it's an example of 'woke' culture permeating our societal fabric in the most detrimental fashion, through our children.

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By: BRAVE Books Staff

Get Libs of TikTok Founder, Chaya Raichik's Children's Book For Free All Summer Long To Counter Leftist Indoctrination!

As June unfolds, we see hundreds of companies roll out their LGBTQ logos, merchandise, and advertisements. Often, these companies employ strategies to specifically engage with children, including animated characters, children’s merchandise, and vibrant graphics.

#takepride sign at a Target

Companies such as Target, Kohls, and Disney are actively engaging with younger and younger demographics every year and have no fear in pushing their confusing ideas about gender norms and identities. This pattern is not new; however, the intensity of these efforts has escalated recently, leading to growing concerns among many parents and guardians about the messages conveyed to their children.

Founder of Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik's children's book

These fears seemingly intensify when some of these narratives could encourage children to harbor secrets from their parents, undermine the trust inherent in the family structure, and pose potential risks to a child's safety and well-being.

Amid these concerns, Chaya Raichik, the founder of Libs of TikTok, who is known for exposing the indoctrination of children in the United States, has taken a proactive approach to protecting children's innocence. She partnered with children's book publisher BRAVE Books to give her book away for free all summer long. Chaya's children's book "No More Secrets" teaches the importance of open communication within the family and the potential dangers of keeping secrets from parents.

Chaya Raichik’s book is designed to empower children with knowledge and equip them with the tools to question the messages they receive from the world around them and to tell their parents about anything that could be harmful.

If we can guide children through the process of learning to identify these dangerous narratives when they hear them, this will make them aware and ready to combat these narratives that are constantly being thrown at them. It is because of the support of BRAVE families that allows us to bless each home with our books. All we are asking is that families help us cover the cost of shipping for us to provide this resource to as many families in the United States as possible.

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