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Kirk Cameron and BRAVE Books Bring Wholesome Values to Over 300 Public Libraries Across The United States

Kirk Cameron reading his book in front of  large crowd

God was on the move in so many ways for BRAVE Books' first annual ‘See You at the Library’ day. Over 300 hosts across 46 states read BRAVE Books and other books of virtue to thousands of families bringing traditional Christian and American values back to our public libraries.

But BRAVE Books also wants to bring traditional American values back into homes across America, which is why BRAVE is going to give away Kirk Cameron's book that started the movement for FREE when you subscribe to the Freedom Island Book Club.

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By: BRAVE Books Staff

The "See You at the Library" event, spearheaded by Kirk Cameron in collaboration with Brave Books, was a resonant success, with over 300 story hours and reaching thousands of families. Held on Saturday, August 5, 2023, the event rallied families around a shared love for storytelling, faith, and traditional values.

Various prominent figures joined BRAVE Books and Kirk Cameron at the libraries. Such as Sheriff Mark Lamb, successful Youtuber and former mobster that came to Christ, Michael Franzese, and conservative podcaster and author David Harris Jr appeared at library gatherings to read books that they authored with BRAVE. Women's sports advocate Riley Gaines also spoke at multiple locations.

BRAVE Books Story Hour Attendance in Taylor TX

While over 100 protesters were present at various locations, the events remained peaceful, thanks to local law enforcement's support. Kirk also openly expressed gratitude towards the protesters, stating that their presence helped spread the message further and emphasized what the event was not about.

Brave Books CEO, Trent Talbot, was encouraged with the response to the event, emphasizing that it signaled parents' acknowledgment of the problems facing today's children and their determination to address them.

BRAVE Books and Kirk Cameron's vision extends beyond the event as well, "I want to start new fires,” Kirk said. “I want to continue to grow the movement — not just of reading books in libraries, but parents and grandparents taking back the leadership role in the country morally, and spiritually, and economically. I want them to fight for the hearts and minds of their children and protect their grandchildren's future.”

Cover of Son Of Truth

To help parents and grandparents in the battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation, BRAVE Books and Kirk Cameron are giving away the book that started the whole movement, 'As You Grow,' which teaches children how to grow through the fruits of the Spirit. All you have to do to claim this free book is subscribe to the Freedom Island Book Club today!

Sign up for the Freedom Island Book Club to get Kirk Cameron's book FREE and get a new book every single month that teaches a different pro-God, pro-American value.