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Fight Indoctrination…
Instill Truth

Are Your Kids Prepared?

Dangerous content, confusing ideas, and vicious lies are being spewed by the woke left everyday. The vast majority of the children will fall prey to culture. Will you prepare your kids to fight with the truth?

Yes, Send Me the Brave Treasure Box!

Introducing the Freedom Island Treasure Box

This is more than just a Christmas present, this is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Kids are inundated everyday with dangerous yet engaging content that is being peddled by social media influences, leftist media organizations, and the books that are on the shelves in your child’s school library.

The problem is that most of the content generated by the woke has a higher quality than the content produced by conservatives.

Not to mention they are producing MORE content…  A LOT MORE CONTENT.

This creates a dilemma for parents.

“Do I shelter my kids, and risk being called a helicopter mom? Or do I give in and allow them to be immersed into a culture that may stimulate their imaginations, but pervert the truth and lead my kids astray?”

Sheltering your kids will lay a demanding process on your shoulders of filtering all of the content your child is exposed to without any guarantee that they will ACTUALLY be protected when they leave the confines of your home.

Sheltering them is NOT the answer… Preparing them is.

You must instill truth in your children in order to prepare them for the world.

How do you avoid sheltering your kids, and ensure that the truth is instilled in them?


You need a source of quality content that is TRUSTWORTHY.

The NEW Freedom Island Treasure Box provides exactly that… Trustworthy content.

These books will reinforce the values you hold dear and they cover difficult to teach topics like… 

  • Gender Reality
  • Sanctity of Life
  • Race Relations (harms of CRT)
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Importance of Family
  • Dangers of Communism
  • Honesty
  • And many more
  • The thing that sets these books apart is thay they tackle the important topics in a FUN and IMAGINATIVE way. Kids LOVE them.

    The map of Freedom Island (where all the stories take place) will immerse them into the world.

    The stickers make the kids interact with the characters, giving them a deeper attachment to the Heroes of Freedom Island.

    The children will internalize the lessons in the story through the Brave Challenge and Games in the back of EVERY book.

    This perfect Christmas gift is filled with never-ending fun for your kids, however, that only scratches the surface of what your kids can can gain from our treasure box.

Here’s the deal…

We have limited inventory of the Treasure Box, because of the cost to produce so many at once. Because of this, we believe that we will sell out of the Brave Treasure Box before Christmas. So, if you want to ENSURE that your child has one, then BUY NOW!


Saga 1 Treasure Box
Saga 1 Treasure Box
Saga 1 Treasure Box
Saga 1 Treasure Box
Saga 1 Treasure Box
Saga 1 Treasure Box

This Box Contains:

  • All 10 books of Saga One: The Origins
  • Blue Frisbee Flyer
  • BRAVE Sunglasses
  • Two Tattoo sheets
  • 5 Team BRAVE stickers
  • 1 Team BRAVE poster
  • 1 Saga One Activity book with coloring pages and games
  • 1 99-piece puzzle
  • 1 Mystery mini-puzzle (one of five options, could be any member of Team BRAVE)
  • 1 Promotional Game Card for an upcoming BRAVE trading card game called BRAVE BATTLE (exclusive sneak peek)



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