Mouse in the House

Mouse in the House

Mouse in the House will ship December 1st

Introducing Mouse in the House, a heartwarming Christmas adventure your kids will love! This special Christmas bundle comes with an adorable Mr. Mouse plushie and a fun book that reimagines the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition. Your kids will love diving into Mr. Mouse’s Christmas adventures as they search for Mr. Mouse in the book and in your home this December. Through the story, activity, and fun rewards, teach your children about the joy of serving others this Christmas season with Mouse in the House!

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The Candy Calamity

by Zuby

The Candy Calamity

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Product Description

BRAVE Books partnered with Zuby to write The Candy Calamity, a children's book that teaches kids how important it is to have good health and balance. 

In every BRAVE Book, we partner with people of moral integrity, like Zuby, to teach complex Christian and Conservative values. 

In Zuby's book "The Candy Calamity," follow Bongo as he realizes how much his candy cravings affect him. Meanwhile, Rebel is so focused on fitness she forgets to eat, and both of them we're unable to defend the camel caravan from the pirates. Join team BRAVE as they learn that health is all about moderation and self-control, and teach your children this topic through the activities in the BRAVE Challenge at the back of the book.

Learn more about BRAVE Books' Freedom Island Saga:

  Included with your purchase:

  • The Candy Calamity 
  • The BRAVE Challenge Workbook & Games
  • Freedom Island Map Poster
  • Flag Sticker for the Map

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