Trent Talbot

President of BRAVE Books

Trent Talbot is the President and founder of BRAVE Books, a conservative children’s book publishing company. Father of two, Trent knew he couldn’t sit by as teachers and celebrities taught his kids to hate America and the ideals that made it great. Although formally trained as a medical doctor, Trent stepped back from his ophthalmology practice to push back.

From a small town in Texas, Trent is arming himself and other conservative parents with children’s books to enthrall their children with the values they need to thrive in today’s world. Each BRAVE Book is set in an in-depth universe, featuring a courageous cast of characters, and a part of a multi-year plot that will take families on an epic journey, defending Freedom Island and learning real American values.

About BRAVE Books

We founded Brave Books because while we were trying to raise our children to love their God and country, we became more and more aware that there is a real war being waged for the hearts and minds of the next generation. There is an agenda to confuse and demoralize our children and make them hate their country and the values that it was founded upon. To us, it felt like a one-sided battle. That’s why BRAVE Books created an alternative to the current progressive agenda dominating children’s literature.

Each book teaches a new traditional value that makes America so special. With the universe and cast of characters we have created as well as the BRAVE Challenges, we are creating a one-of-a-kind learning experience woven into an epic adventure that will live forever in your children's hearts and minds. With a multi-saga plot, we hope these books will stay with your kids throughout their childhood and will equip them with a BRAVE spirit to combat the very real battle we face as a nation today