See You at the Library 2024

What Is See You at the Library?

See You at the Library is a national day where thousands of families come together at public libraries to host wholesome story hours that celebrate a return to American, Constitutional, and Biblical values. Families gather with their community to read wholesome children’s books, sing the national anthem, and pray! The goal of this movement is to secure the hearts and minds of the next generation.

How It Started

Last year, Kirk Cameron was denied by over 50 libraries to read his BRAVE book, As You Grow, on the Fruit of the Spirit. Kirk wrote letters to some of the libraries expressing his concern for their violation of the First Amendment. The libraries conceded, and he was allowed to read his book.

As Kirk Cameron hosted story hours reading his book, many libraries and protesters attempted to thwart him. Even the director of the American Library Association gave libraries tips on how to shut down these pro-God, pro-America book readings. 

From these challenges, the See You at the Library was born! Kirk and communities of families around the nation hosted wholesome story hours on See You At the Library Day. This year we’re doing it again on August 24th! This is a simple way to bring HUGE change to our nation. Are you ready to join the movement?

Our Impact Last Year


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Story Hours


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How Can You Make a Difference?

This year, we are calling on patriots across the country to join the movement and go to their local library to host their own Story Hour. This is about more than just reading children’s books… It's about shaping the future of our nation by instilling traditional values and a love for America in the next generation. With your help, we can leave a legacy by fostering a sense of faith, hope, and patriotism in our country again.

Learn More About Becoming a Host

Fill out the form below to receive instructions on how to book a Story Hour with your local library. If you've already reserved a library complete your registration here.

Find a Story Hour Near You

Unable To Host a Story Hour?

Support the movement by purchasing a Host Kit

Story Hour Host Kit

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  • American-themed box that doubles as a display piece
  • 5 BRAVE books from the Freedom Island Series
  • 1 copy of That's What Family's For by Dr. Nicole Saphier
  • BRAVE Blessings memory verse cards
  • BRAVE Blessings memory verse cards
  • 50 SYATL Statue of Liberty Stickers
  • 50 Bill of Rights Bookmarks
  • 50 Handheld American Flags
  • A 'See You at the Library' display poster
  • 50 Scratch and reveal BRAVE Books discount cards
  • A flier with instructions on how to use the items in the kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plus icon I registered but I don’t see my story hour location on the map!

After you register, it can take up to five business days to approve your application. Once approved, your story hour will appear on the map and you will receive an email confirmation with follow-up information.

Plus icon There aren’t any libraries hosting this near me and I can’t do one myself. How can I be involved?

You can support SYATL by purchasing a Brave Story Hour Host Kit for any story hour across the country. This kit provides a host with books, display items, and giveaways for their attendees. Learn more about the Host Kit here.

Plus icon What is the host registration deadline?

Hosts can register up until the event on August 24th, but in order to receive full host benefits, your Brave Story Hour Host Kit, and allow yourself time to promote your event, you must be registered by August 2nd, 2024. We understand as August 24th nears, hosts may not have much time to plan or promote their story hour; however, no story hour is too small! Whether you include all the bells and whistles a story hour can handle, or whether it's just you sitting on the carpet reading a book to children, you will make an impact by being a part of this nationwide day!

Plus icon When will Host Kits ship?

Host Kits will ship on August 2nd, 2024.

Plus icon Which location will Kirk Cameron be at for this year’s See You at the Library day?

We will announce which locations Kirk will appear at prior to August 24th.

Plus icon Where will the Host Kit be sent?

Host Kits will be sent to the address that hosts provide during registration.

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