8 Reasons the BRAVE Family Plan will transform your family in less than 30 days


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Imagine forming an unbreakable bond with your family, based on a shared foundation of beliefs. Imagine your family being able to handle any challenge that life throws at you. Imagine having the complete confidence that when your children finally leave your home they will have an unshakable foundation of character and morals that they will take with them.

Turns out there’s a plan that does exactly that:

The BRAVE Family Plan

Sounds impossible right? Well here are 8 reasons it really works:

1. Your family is being torn apart and you don’t even know it

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Your family is being torn apart and you don’t even know it

It’s true, and your children’s character will erode if they don’t have a strong family unit.

Right about now, you’re probably brushing us off, and wondering if we’ve gone crazy claiming that your family is being torn apart without you even knowing.

But here’s the twist - our culture is doing everything it can to make anti-God, anti-family beliefs the foundation of our children’s moral values. All culture has to do is get your children to distance themselves from you.

Your children are naturally wired to crave quality time with their family. In a recent study at Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center, children who don’t have a strong family are 8x more likely to be admitted into psychiatric hospitalization - A child’s brain needs a strong family.

Before you blow this off and think “My family is a rock and my kids will always love and cherish me”, please consider this… No parent whose children made that statistic ever thought they were at risk of not having a great relationship with their kids.

But sadly, society’s plan is working. . .

2. Busy parents create vulnerable children. . .

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Busy parents create vulnerable children….

Don't believe us? Check out these facts:

  • 70% of mothers and 74% of fathers say they spend too little time with their children.
  • The average American family spends just 37 minutes of quality time together per day during the week.
  • 95% of children who suffer from gender dysphoria don’t have strong relationships with their parents.
  • Children with busy parents are more likely to suffer from ADHD, depression, anxiety, and struggle in school.

But we’re all busy and there’s nothing we can do, right? Right?


Before you dismiss the idea of having an unimaginably tight family as a pipe dream, remember this - your children desperately want to have a close and open relationship with you, their parents. What makes them seek out alternative voices is often an act of rebellion out of not having the type of relationship they want with their parent. The underlying ingredients are there for a unified and strong family. Now all we need is a plan.

We decided to create one. And boy is it something.

3. We’ve reimagined children’s entertainment so you can reinvent your family

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We Re-invented Children’s Entertainment So You Can Reinvent Your Family

You’ve all seen it. Mom in the kitchen checking Instagram while getting a meal ready. Dad is checking his phone in the other room. The kids are watching TV in the living room. Everyone is in their own world.

The BRAVE Family Plan creates different habits to bring the family together and grow together. We’ve created a plan that not only unites families and strengthens bonds, but helps facilitate the transmission of values from one generation to the next.

Through the success of the BRAVE Family Plan and over 170,000 families that have trusted BRAVE Books to secure the hearts and minds of their children and bring their families together… we have learned the following facts:

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  • Kids love getting packages in the mail every month which is why we send them a new BRAVE Book every single month.
  • Children learn lessons best through stories, but they learn even more when they discuss the lessons in the story with thoroughly designed games and discussion questions, which we include in the back of each of our books.
  • Nothing gets kids engaged like a big monthly reward, so we built a calendar that allows you to gain and track points based on how many family activities you do together. Once your children hit 100 points, they get a reward of your choosing.
  • Kids love immersing themselves in a new universe with relatable characters, like Marvel, or DC, so we built what we call the Freedom Island Universe where we have Team BRAVE, a team of heroes that save Freedom Island from evil.
  • Memorizing Scripture is a great way to reinforce the importance of God’s Word to children, so we include verses in the back of each book, along with other resources to reinforce scripture.

That’s why we’re willing to say that the BRAVE Family Plan has the best. . .

4. Family strengthening tools that provide a proven recipe for success!

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The best family-strengthening tool in the world

Family time ain’t new, but the BRAVE Family Plan is. This is the first ever all-inclusive family strengthening plan. We have crafted and perfected it to include everything that parents will need to build a strong, biblically rooted family.

The BRAVE Family Plan will save parents tons of time by making sure they don’t have to look for content and activities that are age-appropriate and teach the traditional American values we hold dear. Our stories, discussion questions, and games will facilitate deep conversations with your children that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

This isn't just a gimmick...

5. Stewarding your kids well requires a plan

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Stewarding your kids well requires consistency.

As parents, most of our interactions with our children are reactive. We say things like:
“Stop taking that from your sister”
“No, you can’t have popcorn for dinner.”

But it’s not just our interactions, the way we structure our time tends to be reactive as well. We’re often just trying to get through the day; and, if we don’t purposefully and thoughtfully create and structure time together that facilitates bonding, memories, and meaningful discussions often those moments just won’t happen. We’re given the duty by God to steward the souls of our children not just to feed them and keep them safe and alive. We must find time to feed their souls.

That’s why we made the easiest-to-use plan ever.

The plan is housed in a calendar that will keep your family on a schedule, and accountable for how many family activities you do. We have also built a point system, where if your children do enough activities together, then they will earn an award at the end of the month.

“But do children actually enjoy the family plan?” you may be asking. Well, our plan is…

6. Made for you and your children

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Made for you and your children

The BRAVE Family Plan has been crafted by our creative team to engage children with super fun stories, characters, discussions, and games that all teach the traditional American values that as parents, we want our children to learn.

Check out what other BRAVE Parents have said about BRAVE Books:

“I read every book with my children at least 2-3 times, they have deep lessons that we talk about all week! They love the characters so much, so they feel the emotions in the story and the wholesome purpose finds a place in their hearts! Really thankful for these stories.” - Darcy R.

“BRAVE lets me be a part of an education in truth for my two nephews. The truth, that is eagerly anticipated by them, is in the form of Brave books. They bless my soul!” - Grethen S.

So. . .

7. Are you doing everything you can to put your children on the right path for their future?

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Are you ready to put your children on the right path for their future?

What does success look like? It’s a question that is worth pondering.

Imagine you stop by one of your children’s houses 30 years from now. You enjoy a great meal together, and then your children lead your grandchildren in some thoughtful family time during which, they have meaningful conversations, and pass down the same values that you passed down to them. This is what success looks like.

Even if you yourself didn’t come from a strong family that passed down timeless values to you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start something great. It doesn’t mean you can’t plant the seeds of something that will grow into a beautiful tree that produces fruit for generations to come.

Still don’t think it will work for your family?

8. Bring about a family transformation that your kids will love!

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Yes, it will transform your family, and yes your kids will love it!

The BRAVE Family Plan will get your family spending high-quality, bond-creating, family time within 30 days. According to the National Library of Medicine, “the more time parents spent with children, the higher their children’s well-being.” And, for every additional hour of family companionship, the probability of a child having excellent well-being was increased by 1.62%

With the BRAVE Family Plan, your children will get super excited about getting a new book in the mail every month, and they’ll fall in love with the characters and storylines, and also the games and discussion questions in the back of the books.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

So what are you waiting for? A personal guarantee from our founder? No problem. Our founder, Trent Talbot, dad of three, offers you a personal guarantee that if you follow this plan, your family will be transformed within 30 days, or he’ll give you your money back!

Join the hundreds of thousands of parents who have strengthened their family with BRAVE Books. They’re all loving BRAVE Books in their family time, so don’t miss out, and enjoy this life-changing family plan today!


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With your BRAVE Family Plan, you will get . . .

  • 12 BRAVE Books with games and activities delivered to your door over the course of a year
  • BRAVE Family Conversation Cards
  • BRAVE Family Calendar
  • BRAVE Family Plan How-to Guide
  • BRAVE Map and stickers
  • 52 themed digital memory verses
  • 10 audiobooks and 10 e-books
  • Access to an online Facebook community of like-minded families
  • Countless printable activity resources for the whole family

Transform your family with the BRAVE Family Plan!

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