The Perks

$15 - $25 COMMISSION



Join Our Team

We are thrilled to announce a new opportunity only available to our BRAVE Freedom Island Book Club families!

We are rolling out a brand new BRAVE Ambassador program exclusive to our subscription families only! BRAVE Books, at its heart, is a mission based company. To put it simply, we want to equip more families with resources and books they can trust in their homes and we want to partner with you to further that mission! We know so many of you already share why you love BRAVE with your friends and family and as a small token of appreciation, we want to reward you for sharing your experience with your network around you.

Here's How It Works

  • Each person enrolled in the BRAVE Ambassador program will receive a dedicated, personalized link.
  • You can then share that link on your socials, within your network.
  • Each time someone signs up for a subscription to the Freedom Island Book Club, you will earn either $15 for every monthly subscription or $25 for every annual subscription.
  • There is no limit on the number of people you can refer!
  • You will also receive a 15% coupon code that you can share to encourage your friends to sign up using your link!

We are always here along the way for any questions you may have. Just email us at and we look forward to continuing to grow this program!