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This season, teach your kids about loving their enemies with Kirk Cameron’s new book!

Ironically, one of the lies culture tells your children is that the love of self should be their most important priority. But especially this time of year, what about teaching them the hard lesson about Christ’s higher, self-sacrificial love? In Kirk’s new book, on the topic of loving your enemy, Stewart the Giraffe dreams of beating Asher at the Hive Haven Fair. But, when an unexpected accident ruins Stewart’s chances, it’s how Asher reacts that changes everything!

Kirk Cameron is a Christian, producer, actor, television and film icon, loving husband, and father. In addition, Kirk has had a big impact on our society through films like Fireproof, The Homeschool Awakening, and Lifemark. Kirk has also been one of the main BRAVE authors on the Freedom Island Tour doing story hour readings at local libraries. The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare is Kirk’s third book with BRAVE!

The Freedom Island Book Club makes it feel like Christmas all year long

What is the Freedom Island Book Club?

  • A new book is delivered to your door every month.
  • Each book is written by a different Author with a Pro-God and Pro-America message.
  • Each book teaches your kids difficult subjects through engaging stories and fun activities for the whole family!

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Explore the books that'll come all year

Book 1 of the Freedom Island Series

Elephants are not Birds

Teaches traditional gender identity

Book 2 of the Freedom Island Series

Little Lives Matter

Teaches on the sanctity of life

Book 3 of the Freedom Island Series

The Island of Free Icecream

Teaches about freedom vs. communism

Book 4 of the Freedom Island Series

Fame Blame and the Raft of Shame

Teaches about the dangers of cancel culture

Book 5 of the Freedom Island Series

More Than Spots and Stripes

Teaches kids the dangers of critical race theory

Book 6 of the Freedom Island Series

Son of Truth

Teaches the importance of being truthful

Book 7 of the Freedom Island Series

Paws Off My Cannon

Teaches the importance of the second amendment

Book 8 of the Freedom Island Series

The Fight for Freedom Island

Teaches the importance of protecting freedom

Book 9 of the Freedom Island Series

Because You're My Family

Teaches the importance of family

Book 10 of the Freedom Island Series

Dawn of the Brave

The importance of serving others

Book 11 of the Freedom Island Series

Puddin, Pirates and the Problem with Power

Teaching the importance of the constitution

Book 12 of the Freedom Island Series

Unmuzzle Me, Please!

Teaches the importance of free speech

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The enemy is firing arrows at the hearts and minds of your kids

Cultural forces are hard at work attempting to steal the hearts and minds of your most prized possession, your children. This enemy would love nothing more than to leave your family weak, your children confused, and their value system destroyed

Give them the armor to be victorious in battle! Give them BRAVE Books!

The best defense to keep the forces of culture at bay is to ensure your children's moral foundation is rooted in Biblically sound, Pro-America values. So, how do you do that? Well, children learn best through stories. Secure the harts and minds of your children through BRAVE's engaging Freedom Island Book Series that teaches a new Pro-God, Pro-America value in each book and delivers it to your doorstep every month.

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Unite your family

Cultivate healthy family time with each month's delivery of a BRAVE story, games and discussion questions that get the family talking and playing together.

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Engage imaginations

Immerse your family in Freedom Island, a fantasy story-world based on traditional values that connects in each monthly BRAVE book.

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Instill godly values

Build moral foundations by discussing biblical values through the questions and activities in the BRAVE challenge in each book.

Common Questions

Plus icon What is BRAVE's mission?

To be the brand parents trust with their children's imaginations by creating a world, characters, and stories that not only enthrall them but build their character while doing so.

Plus icon What is BRAVE Books?

BRAVE Books is a Christian publishing company that makes books for kids that reinforce biblically-based, foundational values.

Plus icon What ages are BRAVE books suitable for?

Every BRAVE book is made for children ages 4 to 12. We believe that instilling strong morals and values at a young age is crucial.

Plus icon Do I have to read the books in order?

No, our books do not need to be read in order, because each book is its own story; however, each book does build off the last, so reading them in order allows your children to enjoy the whole storyline.

Plus icon What comes with a subscription?
  • A new book every month
  • Biblical worldview curriculum
  • Bonus gift
  • Freedom Island map and stickers
  • 30 day money-back gaurantee
Plus icon Can I buy the books without subscribing?

Yes, you can buy our books in bundles here. Or you can buy them individually here.

Plus icon Is it easy to unsubscribe from the Freedom Island Book Club?

Yes! We make unsubscribing simple and easy. You can do so by going to the account page here or by emailing You can then manage your subscription by clicking the "Manage subscriptions" button.

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