“You can rest easy knowing…your children have been taught the tools to withstand cultural influences!”

-JP Sears

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The enemy is firing arrows at the hearts and minds of your kids

Cultural forces are hard at work attempting to steal the hearts and minds of your most prized possession, your children. This enemy would love nothing more than to leave your family weak, your children confused, and their value system destroyed

Give them the armor to be victorious in battle! Give them BRAVE Books!

The best defense to keep the forces of culture at bay is to ensure your children's moral foundation is rooted in Biblically sound, Pro-America values. So, how do you do that? Well, children learn best through stories. Secure the hearts and minds of your children through BRAVE's engaging Freedom Island Book Series that teaches a new Pro-God, Pro-America value in each book and delivers it to your doorstep every month.

Learn more about JP’s brand new book on the topic of peer pressure

The world wants to shape your children into its own mold. So how should your children respond to peer pressure? This is the same question Eva the Hippo encounters in Chomp Chomp Chomp: The Snapfast Challenge. Eva the Hippo wants to be popular, but to do so, she’ll have to do something dangerous. . .

Will she succumb to the peer pressure of Penelope P and the Snapfast challenge? Follow along as Eva faces one dangerous situation after another and learns what a true friend is.

JP Sears is a well-known American comedian, author, and YouTube personality. He gained popularity through his satirical and insightful videos, often using humor to deliver social commentary and encourage self-awareness. JP and his wife Amber live in Austin, Texas, where they do weekly online videos. JP is now joining BRAVE Books in writing Chomp Chomp Chomp: The Snapfast Challenge, a book that teaches about the consequences of giving in to peer pressure.

Mouse in the House

Mouse in the House

Mouse in the House will ship December 1st

Introducing Mouse in the House, a heartwarming Christmas adventure your kids will love! This special Christmas bundle comes with an adorable Mr. Mouse plushie and a fun book that reimagines the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition. Your kids will love diving into Mr. Mouse’s Christmas adventures as they search for Mr. Mouse in the book and in your home this December. Through the story, activity, and fun rewards, teach your children about the joy of serving others this Christmas season with Mouse in the House!

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Explore the first 12 books that you'll receive

Book 1 of the Freedom Island Series

Elephants are not Birds

Teaches traditional gender identity

Book 2 of the Freedom Island Series

Little Lives Matter

Teaches on the sanctity of life

Book 3 of the Freedom Island Series

The Island of Free Icecream

Teaches about freedom vs. communism

Book 4 of the Freedom Island Series

Fame Blame and the Raft of Shame

Teaches about the dangers of cancel culture

Book 5 of the Freedom Island Series

More Than Spots and Stripes

Teaches kids the dangers of critical race theory

Book 6 of the Freedom Island Series

Son of Truth

Teaches the importance of being truthful

Book 7 of the Freedom Island Series

Paws Off My Cannon

Teaches the importance of the second amendment

Book 8 of the Freedom Island Series

The Fight for Freedom Island

Teaches the importance of protecting freedom

Book 9 of the Freedom Island Series

Because You're My Family

Teaches the importance of family

Book 10 of the Freedom Island Series

Dawn of the Brave

The importance of serving others

Book 11 of the Freedom Island Series

Puddin, Pirates and the Problem with Power

Teaching the importance of the constitution

Book 12 of the Freedom Island Series

Unmuzzle Me, Please!

Teaches the importance of free speech

  • A mom and her children reading Because You're My Family, a BRAVE Books book

    A family emphasis

    At BRAVE Books, we believe in the power of the family unit to shape the next generation. Everything we create is intended to strengthen your family and your children's moral foundations.

  • BRAVE characters posing like they're ready to fight

    The Freedom Island Universe

    Kids love immersing themselves in a new universe with relatable characters, so we built what we call the Freedom Island Universe where we have Team BRAVE, a team of heroes that save Freedom Island from evil.

  • Little girl with Brave Books Unmuzzle Me, Please

    Lessons through stories

    Children learn lessons best through stories, but they learn even more when they discuss the lessons in the story with thoroughly designed games and discussion questions, which we include in the back of each of our books.

  • Trent Talbot and his family reading Chomp Chomp Chomp, a BRAVE Books book

    Importance of Scripture

    Memorizing scripture is a great way to reinforce the importance of God's Word to children, so we include verses in the back of each book, along with discussion questions that help you and your children further instill the Biblically rooted value learned in the book.

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