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  • A brand committed to traditional values
  • FREE Biblical Worldview curriculum
Kirk Cameron holding his children's book, Pride Comes Before the Fall


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BRAVE Books Freedom Island Book Club roadmap BRAVE Books Freedom Island Book Club roadmap
BRAVE Conversation Cards

BRAVE Conversation Cards

These engaging and fun-filled questions are designed to bring families closer together. Start meaningful discussions and create lasting memories. Whether you're around the dinner table, on a family road trip, or gathered in the living room, these 70-question cards are sure to inspire laughter, imagination, connection, and God-centered conversations.

 With questions like...

  • What makes you feel loved?
  • What does it mean to be a good friend?
  • What is one thing you would like to learn how to do? Why?
  • What do you do when you are afraid?

BRAVE Conversation cards are crafted with care. These beautifully designed cards are of the highest quality, with a smooth and shiny glossy finish. They come in a sturdy box that ensures they will stand the test of time.

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BRAVE Books intererior book images
BRAVE Books intererior book images
BRAVE Books intererior book images
BRAVE Books intererior book images
BRAVE Books intererior book images
BRAVE Books intererior book images
BRAVE Books intererior book images
BRAVE Books intererior book images
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Freedom Island Book Club

First Month


What's included in the Freedom Island Book Club monthly plan?

  • Your first month on us!
  • Unit 1 of our Biblical Worldview Curriculum
  • A new book delivered every month teaching a different Pro-God, Pro-America value
  • Freedom Island map and stickers
  • Save 17% on each book
$18.99 after your first month | Cancel anytime

What to expect

When you subscribe to the Freedom Island Book Club, your first delivery will contain Pride Comes Before the Fall, a map of Freedom Island as well stickers to place on it, and a digital copy of our unit 1 Biblical Worldview curriculum.

Every month you will receive a new book in the series, each story building on the previous month's book. Every book has games and activities in the back of the book for you and your kids to establish healthy habits around intentional time spent together.

Bonus add!

BRAVE Conversation Cards

BRAVE Conversation Cards

4.6 stars out of 5

$11.99 $14.99

BRAVE Books Freedom Island Book Club roadmap BRAVE Books Freedom Island Book Club roadmap

How It Works


A New Book Every Month

We take the struggle out of finding high-quality and wholesome content by making a new book every month and shipping it straight to your door!


Games and Activities

Each book includes interactive stories, games, and discussion questions that bring the whole family together!


Instilling Moral Values

Every month, a trusted author and our creative team craft a unique BRAVE book to teach a different biblical, wholesome message.


4.5 yellow stars

Backed by some of the most influential personalities today

  • Riley Gaines
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Kevin Sorbo

'We need to support companies like BRAVE Books, those who are in the fight and pushing back on these cultural issues that are tearing this country and our freedoms down.'

Riley Gaines posing for swim pictures
12-time All-American competitive swimmer


FREE Biblical Worldview Curriculum

We want to help you instill biblical and traditional values into your children, and our curriculum goes along with our BRAVE Books to reinforce each of the lessons taught in the books.

Common Questions

Plus icon What is BRAVE's mission?

To be the brand parents trust with their children's imaginations by creating a world, characters, and stories that not only enthrall them but build their character while doing so.

Plus icon What is BRAVE Books?

BRAVE Books is a Christian publishing company that makes books for kids that reinforce biblically-based, foundational values.

Plus icon What ages are BRAVE books suitable for?

Every BRAVE book is made for children ages 4 to 12. We believe that instilling strong morals and values at a young age is crucial.

Plus icon Do I have to read the books in order?

No, our books do not need to be read in order, because each book is its own story; however, each book does build off the last, so reading them in order allows your children to enjoy the whole storyline.

Plus icon What comes with a subscription?
  • A new book every month
  • Biblical worldview curriculum
  • Bonus gift
  • Freedom Island map and stickers
  • 30 day money-back gaurantee
Plus icon Can I buy the books without subscribing?

Yes, you can buy our books in bundles here. Or you can buy them individually here.

Plus icon Is it easy to unsubscribe from the Freedom Island Book Club?

Yes! We make unsubscribing simple and easy. You can do so by going to the account page here or by emailing You can then manage your subscription by clicking the "Manage subscriptions" button.

Read the full FAQ