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The Easter Bunny has stolen Easter!

When did Christ get taken out of Easter? Kids are being led to believe the holiday is only about bunnies, candy, and painted eggs. While all those things are fun, they do nothing to teach our children the TRUE meaning of Easter, shifting the focus off of Chirst.

That's why we created the BRAVE Easter Bundle, which reimagines a favorite tradition, the Easter Bunny, using it to take back Easter and introduce children to Christ's love and sacrifice. The brand new Easter Bundle will give your kids hours of fun, while teaching them what Easter really means through a fun gospel allegory and activities.

Freedom Island 2024 13-Month Calendar

Freedom Island 2024 13-Month Calendar

Stay organized and get fresh encouragement as you plan each month with the Freedom Island 2024 Calendar! Each month features BRAVE artwork and a piece of scripture for your family to learn! The calendar is perfect for the fridge, playroom, or to hang on a wall!


  • 8.5x11 inches
  • 28 pages
  • January 2024-January 2025
  • Silver Wire-o Bound
  • 80lb Gloss Cover
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Brave Easter Bundle

Brave Easter Bundle

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Freedom Island 2024 13-Month Calendar

Freedom Island 2024 13-Month Calendar

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Product Description

Orders will begin to ship on 3/1/2024

The BRAVE Easter Bundle makes the perfect stuffer for Easter baskets. It’s filled with fun surprises for your kids, but most importantly, it teaches the real meaning of Easter: Christ’s love for us!

This bundle includes a new original story from BRAVE Books, Saving the Easter Bunny, a gospel allegory that teaches your kids about the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice. This special story comes in a hardcover, ensuring it will last your children many years to come.

Ronnie Easter does what he wants when he wants. No one tells him what to do. There’s just one problem. Lord Joshua. Ronnie and his gang start pranking Lord Joshua. They come up with a prank so good no one will ever forget it! But when that prank goes horribly wrong, and Easter finds himself in danger, he soon learns that he was wrong about Lord Joshua. And nothing will ever be the same again.

This year, add to your family traditions, reading this story that reimagines the Easter Bunny, placing Christ back at the center of the season!

Also included in the BRAVE Easter Bundle is the Easter Activity Book, our jam-packed activity book that will entertain your kids for hours with spot-the-difference puzzles, mazes, matching games, word puzzles, and more. Your kids will also have endless fun coloring in the Easter Coloring Book with BRAVE’s colored pencils. Add to the excitement with colorful BRAVE stickers and temporary tattoos.

Your kids will be delighted to find this bundle in their baskets this year. But more than that, they will be reminded of the true meaning of Easter Sunday at the same time!

This bundle includes:

  • Saving the Easter Bunny: 8x8 inch hardback 28-page book
  • Easter Activity Book: 8.5x11 inch paperback 48-page book
  • Easter Coloring Book: 8x8 inch paperback 28-page book
  • Easter Stickers: 8x10 inch sticker sheet with 21 stickers
  • Easter Tattoos: 5 1.5x1.5 inch individual temporary tattoos
  • Brave Colored Pencils: 12 colored pencils
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