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Excellent Penmanship Bundle

Excellent Penmanship Bundle

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Hey there, it's time to check out BRAVE's Excellent Penmanship Bundle, made just for awesome young writers like you!  Inside this super cool bundle, you'll find two awesome books that are gonna make writing so much fun!

First up, we've got the Letter Tracing Workbook: Freedom Island Edition. It's like a journey through the alphabet!  You get to trace each letter's shape and find out the sounds they make. Plus, there are tons of practice pages to help you become a pro at forming letters. Whether you're just starting or want to get even better at writing, this bundle is perfect for you. You can use it for homeschooling, after-school fun, or just making writing a super exciting adventure. Get ready to make your handwriting skills amazing with our Cursive and Letter Tracing Book Bundle!

And then, there's the Cursive Handwriting Workbook Freedom Island Edition. It's like going on a writing adventure!  You'll meet friendly characters and dive into exciting stories while learning how to write in fancy cursive. There are lots of pages for practice, so you can make your writing all curly and beautiful, step by step.

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