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Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery

by John Solomon

A children's book about the importance of searching for the truth

Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery

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BRAVE Books partnered with John Solomon to write Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery, a Christian children's book that teaches kids how to search for the truth. 

In every BRAVE Book, we partner with people of moral integrity, like John Solomon, to teach complex Christian and Conservative values. 

In John Solomon's book Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery, join Seymour Clues as he solves the mystery of who blocked the tubes around Starlotte City, keeping the Hamster Headlines newspaper from reaching its citizens. Along the way discover the importance of honesty, integrity, free speech, and the evils of intolerance and censorship.

  Included with your purchase:

  • Hidden Headlines: A Seymore Clues Mystery
  • The BRAVE Challenge Workbook & Games
  • Freedom Island Map Poster
  • Flag Sticker for the Map
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