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Saga 1 Treasure Box+

Saga 1 Treasure Box+

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Product Description

When you unlock your Saga One: The Origins box you will find mounds of treasure!

Included within this treasure chest is: All TEN books of our Freedom Island Saga One along with the Freedom Island poster and stickers that come with. These books introduce you to the history of Freedom Island and our heroes, Team BRAVE. Within these books you will learn about topics like the sanctity of life, truth, and the importance of family.
Not only do you get ten books, you also receive the Saga One activity book that includes coloring pages, puzzles, and mazes as well as the EXCLUSIVE promotional card that is a sneak peek to the BRAVE BATTLE trading card game. Now if you thought that was a lot, just wait, there’s more!
You will also receive BRAVE themed sunglasses, a frisbee flyer, stickers, temporary tattoos, and a Team Brave poster. Wow, that's a lot of treasure. But wait, hold on… is that TWO puzzles? You’ll also get one 99-piece puzzle of an important scene from Freedom Island’s history, as well as a MYSTERY puzzle that could be any member of Team Brave. Whew. Now that’s a treasure chest.

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