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Our Freedom Island series is a sequential picture book series created for kids ages 4-12.

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Saga One: The Origins

Explore the founding of Freedom Island and how Bongo, Rebel, Asher, Valor, and Eva become team BRAVE.

Little Lives Matter cover image

The sanctity of life

by Elizabeth Johnston
The Island of Free Ice Cream cover image

The wonders of a free market

by Jack Posobiec
More Than Spots & Stripes cover image

The dangers of Critical race theory

by The Hodgetwins
Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame cover image

The dangers of cancel culture

by Dan Crenshaw
Elephants Are Not Birds cover image

Gender Identity

by Ashley St. Clair
Paws Off My Cannon cover image

The Second amendment

by Dana Loesch
Son of Truth cover image

being truthful

by Graham Allen
The Fight for Freedom Island cover image


by Trent Talbot
Because You're My Family cover image

Family and unconditional love

by Missy Robertson
Dawn of the BRAVE cover image

Serving others

by Mike Waltz

Saga Two: Iron Chaos

Journey with Team BRAVE. as they battle Lester the Lemur and his terrifying pirate ship, the Iron Chaos

Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem With Power cover image

The importance of the Constitution

by Robby Starbuck
Unmuzzle Me, Please cover image

the importance of the freedom of speech

by DC Draino
The Candy Calamity cover image

balance and good health

by Zuby
Freedom Day the Asher Way cover image

How important Capitalism is

by Dinesh and Debbie D'Souza
Fiona's Fantastical Fort cover image


by Julie Banderas
Surfing Past Fear cover image

How to overcome fears

by Bethany Hamilton
The Night the Snow Monster Attacked cover image
As You Grow cover image

The Fruit of the Spirit

by Kirk Cameron
The Adventures of Seymour Clues & Mr. Mouse cover image

Seeking the truth

by Sheriff Mark Lamb
Chaos in the Canopy cover image


by Trent Talbot

Saga Three: Tubular

Freedom Island's new messaging system, Tubular, has everyone on the island in an uproar. Meet pompous Penelope, the villain behind it all, and see how Team BRAVE helps defeat the Tubular madness.

The Parrots Go Bananas! cover image

The consequences of jumping to conclusions

by Sean Spicer
Joining the Amazing Club Awesome Sauce cover image

The importance of following the rules

by Sara Carter
Hidden Headlines: A Seymour Clues Mystery cover image

The importance of searching for the truth

by John Solomon
Pride Comes Before the Fall cover image

The importance of humility

by Kirk Cameron
A Town Worth Defending cover image


by David Harris Jr.
The Treasure of Cabal Island cover image

The dangers of greed

by Michael Franzese
The Test of Lionhood cover image


by Kevin Sorbo
Chomp Chomp Chomp - The Snapfast Challenge cover image

The dangers of peer pressure

by JP Sears
The Fox, the Fair, and the Invention Scare cover image

The importance of loving your enemies

by Kirk Cameron
Too Much Tubular! cover image

The importance of moderation

by Trail Life

Saga Four: Dom-A-Tron

Team BRAVE has been swept away to the island of Dom-A-Tron! Follow along as the team struggles to find each other and escape their ultimate nemesis, Black Heart.

The Mouse and The Sea cover image

The importance of helping others

by Heidi St. John
Happy No Snakes Day cover image

The importance of standing up for the truth

by Riley Gaines
The Never-Give-Up Pup cover image

The importance of hard work

by Lara Trump
One Small Little Voice cover image

The importance of courage

by Leigh-Allyn Baker
A Tale of Two Tigers cover image

The dangers of jumping to conclusions

by Trent Talbot
The Bear Essentials of Fatherhood cover image

The importance of fathers

by Kevin Sorbo
Dear Valor cover image

The importance of love and adoption

by Jep and Jessica Robertson

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