Afraid you’re becoming disconnected from your children?

A disconnected family unit leads to children who grow up unsure of what voices to listen to, confused about cultural ideas, and more likely to abandon the values you hold dear.

Here are some symptoms of a disconnected family:

  • Lack of intentionality around family time
  • Consumption of media that opposes godly values
  • Time spent apart or in front of screens
  • Children looking to outside sources for moral values
  • A shortage of discussions about what your family believes

Strengthen and connect your family with the BRAVE Family Plan!

  • Cultivate healthy family habits
  • Unite your family through engaging stories and activities
  • Foster intentional family time
  • Instill godly values each month
  • Create a bond with your children that lasts for generations
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Why the BRAVE Family Plan?

Morality is ingrained by the age of 10.

Here's the bad news
It's as if so much of today's world was designed to break apart and weaken the family. Most families do not have a plan to fight this and it shows.

Here's the good news
Strong kids come from strong families who have a plan to transfer values and character down from one generation to the next. By investing in your kids' hearts and minds through healthy family habits with the BRAVE Family Plan, you can help them to grow into strong resilient kids and build an indestructible family unit.

Equip your kids today


With your BRAVE Family Plan, you will get...

  • 12 BRAVE Books with games and activities delivered to your door over the course of a year
  • BRAVE Family Conversation Cards
  • BRAVE Family Calendar
  • BRAVE Family Plan How-to Guide
  • BRAVE Map and stickers
  • 52 themed digital memory verses
  • 10 audiobooks and 10 e-books
  • Access to an online Facebook community of like-minded families
  • Countless printable activity resources for the whole family

$500 $224.99/yr

Explore the first twelve books that will come in your plan!

Book 1 of the Freedom Island Series

Elephants Are Not Birds

Teaches traditional gender identity

Book 2 of the Freedom Island Series

Little Lives Matter

Teaches on the sanctity of life

Book 3 of the Freedom Island Series

The Island of Free Ice Cream

Teaches about freedom vs. communism

Book 4 of the Freedom Island Series

Fame, Blame, and the Raft of Shame

Teaches about the dangers of cancel culture

Book 5 of the Freedom Island Series

More Than Spots and Stripes

Teaches kids the dangers of critical race theory

Book 6 of the Freedom Island Series

Paws off My Cannon

Teaches the importance of the second amendment

Book 7 of the Freedom Island Series

Son of Truth

Teaches the importance of being truthful

Book 8 of the Freedom Island Series

The Fight for Freedom Island

Teaches the importance of protecting freedom

Book 9 of the Freedom Island Series

Because You're My Family

Teaches the importance of family

Book 10 of the Freedom Island Series

Dawn of the Brave

The importance of serving others

Book 11 of the Freedom Island Series

Puddin, Pirates, and the Problem with Power

Teaching the importance of the constitution

Book 12 of the Freedom Island Series

Unmuzzle Me, Please

Teaches the importance of free speech

Build a strong family through...

Stories that children love that develop character

Every BRAVE Book immerses children in Freedom Island, a world full of fun and engaging stories, as each book is a part of a larger story that connects each book in an overarching narrative demonstrated in the interactive map and character stickers. The BRAVE Family Plan is like hiding veggies in your child's diet... except these are the kinds of veggies your children will be asking for every day!

Resources that parents trust to withstand culture

Enjoy the resources from BRAVE without worry. BRAVE stands firm in the conviction that strong families are rooted in Biblical foundations. The content in all BRAVE books and resources are based upon faith-based morality that teaches values such as the sanctity of life, using discernment, and practicing humility. Root your families in the Biblical values that make families strong. BRAVE is committed to being a resource that families can trust to inform parents, equip kids, strengthen family bonds, and point families to the Bible as their source of Truth!

Activities that reinforce traditional family values

Cultivate healthy family habits with each month's BRAVE delivery of a BRAVE story, games and discussion questions that get the family talking and playing together. Each book and activity focuses on a traditional value like honesty, integrity, and perseverance that develops character in kid-friendly ways. BRAVE activities build trust between parents and children and other siblings through team building and quality time. Use your BRAVE Conversation Cards to draw your child out of their shell, discuss what is on their heart and even work through heavy topics!

"When I saw all the junk in my kid's books and shows I was like, 'not on my watch'."

As a new dad, I searched for wholesome books for my family, but the content in so many of today’s children’s books shook me to my core. So, I decided to quit my career in ophthalmology to start BRAVE Books–a publishing company that celebrates strong families and honors traditional American values.

At BRAVE Books, we believe in the power of the family unit to shape the next generation. BRAVE is not just a company for families, but a company of families. Our employees use this family plan to strengthen and build up their own families. We are excited to offer this plan to your family. Together, we can change the course of the next generation.




A word from a few of our amazing co-authors

"Christian families, it's time we get off the sidelines and take back the content our children are consuming. Companies like BRAVE Books are doing exactly that by creating wholesome children’s books that parents can trust."


"It is time we as Christians take back our seats at the table and use our voices and talents to shape the narrative we want for the next generation. And that is what BRAVE Books does."


"With companies like BRAVE Books we can take back the grounds of freedom in the culture wards... Join the movement of thousands of families. Let's raise strong sons and daughters to stand up for truth in the generations to come."


Transform your family with the BRAVE Family Plan!

$500 $224.99/yr

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