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Freedom Island Playmat

Freedom Island Playmat

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Product Description

We are bringing Freedom Island to life with our brand new, custom Freedom Island playmats. Stress-free, easy to clean, waterproof and made with durable material, these playmats have been tested with some of our local BRAVE families and reviews are through the roof!

Designed with children aged 2-10 years in mind, the Freedom Island playmat is stress-free, easy to clean, easy to store and waterproof. Every inch of our playmat is carefully crafted with vibrant colors and captivating illustrations, capturing the essence of Freedom Island's diverse and imaginative story settings. From the sandy beaches of Car-A-Lago Coast to the towering peaks of Monock Mountains, each element invites your child to create their own stories and embark on unforgettable adventures as they use their imaginations and bring their toys to life. 

Children playing with the Brave Freedom Island Playmat

Made from high quality materials, this playmat ensures a safe and comfortable play surface for your little ones. Its large size provides ample room for group play and encourages social interaction, fostering friendships and teamwork. 


Trim Size: 

4.26ft. x 6.23ft  or 130cm x 190cm



Material Specs:

Natural Eco-friendly rubber

2mm thick

Polyester top

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