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Surfing Past Fear Bundle

Surfing Past Fear Bundle

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Dive into the exciting Surfing Past Fear Bundle! Inside this awesome package, you'll find a thrilling book written by the amazing Bethany Hamilton, and an incredible 100-piece puzzle featuring a fantastic scene from the story.

In Bethany Hamilton's book, 'Surfing Past Fear,' meet Olivia the otter. When Olivia breaks her arm and thinks her summer of surfing is over, she gets help from her friends and learns to face her fears. Follow Olivia's journey as she conquers her worries, and discover fun activities in the back of the book to help you overcome your own fears.

The 100-piece puzzle is a blast! It shows one of our favorite parts of 'Surfing Past Fear.' You'll love the challenge and excitement of putting it together. Share the adventure with your family and watch the awesome picture come together piece by piece. Get ready for a super cool journey of courage and bravery!

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